Disclaimer for Competitors

If you feel you’re a competitor or potential competitor, we’re still happy to make your acquaintance and, if you’d like, discuss the potential for some sort of friendly relationship, joint venture of sorts, or otherwise.  The middle-market is a huge, though shrinking, ecosystem.  The needs of private business owners, particularly those not now owned by PE firms, become increasingly acute.

Because effective boards are essential, each ethical, bright, and qualified business advisor adds to the vibrancy and sustainability of individual companies and the market.  And while we feel particularly well positioned to provide Middle-Market companies the tool they need–and have healthy competitive spirit–these remain fields of friendly-strife.

So in that spirit, and while we won’t here provide the additional points we provided to those clearly our potential clients and friends, we’ll provide you information in the form of two hints through which you should be able to obtain the same business points concerning errors of commission and omission.


Bill Hubbard