Hubbard Business S.A.E.

If you’re a Middle-Market company CEO or Owner, you need an effective Board–or, better for your interests yet, both an effective Governance Board and an effective Advisory Board. Period (with solely one exception).

Boards, Advisory and Governance, and How They Can Best Support CEOs, Owners and other Middle-Market Company stakeholders is our sole focus.

We fill your need. How? By designing, implementing and leading–for you, with you–your
“Next Level” Board. Custom designed for you and to your needs and wants with one sole purpose: you achieving your “Next Level” (and positioning you and those who depend upon you for successive next-levels).

We are not a board consultancy (or like any we know about). We are not a board search firm. We are not a one-size-fits-all ready-made solution (for one does not exist). We don’t supplant you or your leaders. We support them. We support you.

We are designed to be your custom solution. Your tool of keys to the very support you need: leaders, people, principles, processes, contacts, financial links and other critical resources. The tool to provide you the real and realistic leverage you need to significantly increase your odds of achieving your “Next Level” on your timeline. We provide what you now lack (except for the few of you who have understood, invested, and been fortunate enough, whether through skill, luck, or great advice, to have put in place what you believe is an effective Board).

Our focus is your future. Our future is aligned with–and depends on–your future. We designed it that way–for your benefit and for ours.

So let’s start with a benefit to you–regardless of whether you’re a potential client, referrer, or even if you view yourself as a competitor.

We’ll start with a challenge that we, as leaders, all face: errors in judgment.

Boards, CEOs, and other company leaders make recommendations and take actions to help ensure survival and growth of the business. In so doing, we, as leaders, tend to make errors in omission (such as deciding not to buy a company, not making a key hire, not adopting a recommendation),  and  errors in commission (such as making or recommending a bad business investment).

How can you be a better leader and reduce your and your leaders’ omission and commission mistakes?

You can begin with my first two points below, and for the rest you’ll need to opt-in if you qualify:

  1. Educate yourself and other leaders on differences between errors in commission and omission.
  2. Identify for you, your leaders, and company, the relative risks of each. Typical  errors with a high cost of omission including skimping on R&D, new sales pipeline efforts, and compliance issues with large monetary or reputational consequences.  Typical errors with high cost of commission are hiring the wrong key person (CFO, Head of Sales or Operations, making a major investment).

For the rest of the list, and an explanation and reference, you’ll need, if you qualify, to opt in:

Hubbard Business S.A.E., inc., (, designs, implements and leads “Next Level” focused Advisory Boards for & with CEOs, Owners, other Leaders and Legal Governance Boards of Middle-Market companies.

We provide our Clients a detailed principle and process based service founded upon our findings from our extensive & current empirical board research (culling thousands of summaries of published Board studies from business schools around the world and review of the hundreds of those business studies we thought to best answer the questions of whether Boards add value, and, if so, how, with whom, under what conditions and how does this or should this change over time and changing conditions), as well as three decades as a trusted business advisor and legal counsel advising private companies, boards, and individual directors (including with regard to fiduciary duties). Our interest is aligned with our Clients achieving their Next Levels.

Bill Hubbard is a business strategist and tactician focused on each client’s “Next Level” achievements—after analysis of the business landscape and underlying complexity. He has served as outside trusted business advisor and general counsel to small and larger middle-market companies and their owners. His particular skills are most valuable at the crucial intersection of law, business, finance, taxes, risks, opportunities, emotions and decisions. He combines thorough analysis with instinct after thinking through various courses of action and their likely effects over time upon all stakeholders.

He recently founded Hubbard Business S.A.E. to design, implement, and lead “Next Level” focused Advisory Boards for Owners and CEOs of private Middle-Market companies based upon his three decades as a trusted business advisor and legal counsel. Being a West Point graduate, former airborne and ranger trained U.S. Army infantry officer, a registered certified public accountant, and a corporate business and mergers and acquisitions attorney (having graduated from law school with high honors) is part of his background. He’s taught business owners and leaders, attorneys and cpas on a number of subjects (as well as having written on them). These include, amongst others of business import, mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity financing, LLC and corporation leadership & management structures.